Our Services

As Car owner's we spend huge money on accessories and maintaining it to keep it road ready condition. But try to save a few rupees by skipping the car wash or opt for low cost washing techniques, which has huge impact on exterior and interior following way’s

  • Fading of exterior car paint

  • Spar marks

  • Rusting of under chassis, running board and so on

  • Interior plastics fading out.

  • Increase in maintenance cost

  • Finally, the resale value

It’s like buying an expensive shirt and then refusing to take it to the dry cleaners!  


What We do

We Offer end to end car sanitization, car wash, car detailing, Interior dry cleaning, sales and maintenance of all types of batteries, car tinkering & painting works and anti-corrosion treatment. 
As a value add service we also facilitate buying and selling of pre-owned cars and insurance related services of automobiles.

Our Services

Covid-19 Protection Package

This default plan offers sanitization and eco-friendly waterlessWaterless car wash. Keeping in view of the ongoing pandemic we due do complete car sanitization.