We will be doing an inspection of

1. Battery water,

2.Engine oil check,

3.Coolant level

4.Fan belt 

5.Suspension Check up

6. Under Chasis Checkup

We would be charging Rs. 149/- .......20km radius for service.

Fresh and sanitized Micro fiber cloth will be used each time.

Benefits of opting for monthly plan

  • General wash will make sure that under Chassis will be free of any mud accumulation this helps in preventing rust hence increases the longevity of  car chassis

  • Eco-waterless wash will  protect the exterior of the car from contamination and UV rays as it contains eco-friendly carnauba wax

  • Regular interior cleaning will keep your interior fresh and free from virus

  • Regular battery, oil & coolant check will increase the life of battery, car engine cooling and increases the engine life

  • Engine bay cleaning will prevent any rust, detection of any leakages from the engine.

  • Finally a well maintained car will lead to reduction in maintenance cost

  • Increase in resale value