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We Clean your car with cheer!

Swachh Spa is your ultimate destination to keep your vehicle not just looking its best but also well maintained for years. Swachh Spa is a special initiative of automobile enthusiasts who believe in caring for your car as well as the environment. 


Incepted recently in 2020, we will provide doorstep car cleaning & detailing services for all car interior and exterior. This will be done using a process that shall utilize at the most 2 litres of water using eco-friendly products.

What’s an eco-waterless wash?

A process with just over a  litre of water done with our eco-friendly solution that shrinks the dirt particles and aids to lift them off by a process of emulsification; meaning the spray breaks down the dirt into smaller molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules lifting them off the surface. Which is then wiped off with a microfiber towel from your car surface, without the risk of any tiny feather scratches appearing on the surface of the car. A  buffing with the second microfiber towel creates a flawless mirror shine as it protects the car surface.