Our Value statement

  • To offer affordable opportunity to automobile enthusiats to reach out to many vehicle owners.

  • The intent been to provide timely care for vehicles in order to ensure its longevity.

  • The manner been one which embraces the environment.

  • Staying committed towards our customers and valuing their feedback and needs.

Our Mission

Swachh Spa commits to offer an environment friendly and affordable car cleansing and maintenance service that ensures the vehicle’s longevity while bringing cheer to its owner.


Our Vision

To offer automobile enthusiasts an opportunity to reach out to many vehicle owners to provide them timely care for their vehicle so that its life gets longer and in a manner that embraces the environment.

Our Process

Challenged and inspired by the pandemic of 2020 we start our process with a car exterior sanitization using specialized disinfectants. This is followed by a car cleaning service as found appropriate for our customer’s needs. Please refer to “Our Services” for details. Post the cleaning process the car’s exterior and interior is sanitized again.